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Pretcapital is proud to support organizations focused on the well-being of the population and to provide the best support to the organizations it supports. We believe in the principle of “Give to the next” by making positive gestures of collaboration and financial contribution in our community.

Pretcapital values ​​social engagement in its community and aims to redistribute a percentage of its annual revenue to causes and charities. One of Pretcapital’s core values ​​is commitment to the community. It is important for us to support causes and organizations in the province that make a difference for a lot of people in need.

Our contribution is particularly important to organizations in the areas of health, education and youth, and assistance to the disadvantaged. Thousands of dollars in donations go to organizations and causes that promote moral or financial support for the community.

Pretcapital is aware of its responsibility, according to its human and financial capacities, to engage socially in the community by associating with activities that can make a noticeable and meaningful difference in society.